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Power Click

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The Power Click™ is an important training device for learning the Lag and Load method quickly and easily. Use the Power Click™ to make sure you are performing the "waggle" move correctly so that your right wrist is fully and correctly bent early in your swing.

When used in slow motion or with the Home/Office Laser Club, the Power Click™ should "click" immediately and never "unclick" through the rest of the swing. Use the Power Click™ to practice putting. Start with it "clicked" and don't let it "unclick" during your stroke. If it "unclicks", your left hand has broken down.

Use the Power Click™ to practice chipping and pitching. In shots where distance control is critical, start with it "clicked" and use your "on plane" arm swing to precisely control distance. The Power Click™ should not "unclick" at any point during the shot. You can actually play with the Power Click™ on your wrist.

Many of Mark's students have reported drastically improved ball striking and scoring while using the Power Click™. The Power Click™ is the most important training device in the Lag and Load method to better golf! Definitely a must have!

One size fits all, as well as right and left handed golfers


Part 1 Video Instruction

Part 2 Video Instruction

Click on the link below to download the Power Click instructions.


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